Ce photographe s’amuse à détourner les monuments avec des petits morceaux de papiers #2

7 April 2017



Avec des simples morceaux de papier et une paire de ciseaux, cet artiste anglais s’amuse à détourner des paysages et des monuments célèbres avec ENORMEMENT de créativité !! Je suis fan.

Paper Boyo nous avait déjà fait (re)découvrir Londres, sa ville natale mais aussi les grandes capitales européennes avec son angle créatif. Aujourd’hui il continue son boulot et ses photos au quotidien sur son compte Instagram.

We’ve docked in Barcelona for the day and if you’ve been paying attention you may have picked up on the fact that quite a few of my cut-outs on this trip have had an aquatic/sea theme as an ode to being on a cruise ship for the past nine days. So here in Barcelona it made sense to do a photo with the Torre Agbar, home to the Barcelona water company. This is the last official stop on my cruise with the Princess team, however they’ve kindly let me stay on board so that I can get off in the Azores (somewhere I’ve always wanted to go), so I’ll be sharing a couple of photos from the islands next #comebacknew #PrincessCruises #PassionPassport #TravelAwesome #igTravel #WanderLust #Travel #Holiday #Vacation #Cruise #CruiseLife #InstaCruise #StreetArtLovers #ForcedPerspective #Funny #TravelStoke #Paper #PaperArt #Art #Silhouette #Penguin #Barcelona #Spain #TorreAgbar

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On the Royal Princess, the mega cruise ship I’m on, there’s a unique feature that it shares only with its sister ship, called the SeaWalk. It’s a glass bottomed walkaway that extends out over the sea. This view is it from below, but when you’re walking on it and looking down whilst speeding through the waves it’s a bit of a trip. They’ve wisely built a bar next to it so you can sip cocktails and laugh at the other passengers as they walk across it with varying amounts of terror #comebacknew #PrincessCruises #PassionPassport #TravelAwesome #igTravel #WanderLust #Travel #Holiday #Vacation #Cruise #CruiseLife #InstaCruise #StreetArtLovers #ForcedPerspective #Funny #TravelStoke #Paper #PaperArt #Eye #Eyelash

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I had one of the most lavish and finest dining experiences on board the Royal Princess. They have a thing called “The Chef’s Table”, which is a multi-course meal (I lost track of how many courses) that’s designed, directed and prepared by the on board Michelin starred Chef, David McDonald Greves. The first part of the experience involves going into the ship’s galley for hors d’oeuvres, champagne and a look around (which is when I took this snap when one of the chefs had his back turned). Then after this the Maitre d’ seated us at a private table in the middle of the dining room and then, and this was my favourite bit, he absolutely nailed it with his timings. He clicked his fingers once and a glass curtain dropped perfectly around the table, he clicked again and music began playing and then he gave a small nod and the waiters seemed to magically appear with the food. It was like meeting Dumbledore…except he didn’t have a beard #comebacknew

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